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Factr leverages the latest decentralized finance technology to offer you the best possible terms to get paid fast.
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Getting started is easy
Factr is automated & trustless, but that doesn't mean there's no one here to help you. Follow along and you can have funds headed your way in as little as 15 minutes.
It's as simple as it's supposed to be. You have a valuable asset others will compete to purchase.
Submit your invoice
Email, text, upload, fax...get that invoice in however works best for you. The Factr team reviews upon receipt and will clear you immediately or ask for more information.
Name your terms
Answer a few questions about what you expect, including terms, fees, timelines, and payment method.
Receive your funds
You can specify a bank account, crypto wallet address, mailing address for check, PayPal, and more.
Rates under 1%. From anywhere.
The best terms in the industry are always within reach. We free you up to make decisions when and where you need to.
Join the waiting list
Factr is coming soon, be among the first to enjoy the benefits of truly decentralized finance.
The Factr Ecosystem
By working with an ecosystem of providers in an automated fashion, Factr can quickly match you with invoice purchasers that are already on the network with funds ready to deploy. Once documents and terms are set, engage with one of these factors to quickly fund your invoice using our underlying blockchain to reduce friction and provide transparency throughout the experience.
Our pillars
Growth, yours and ours
We're committed to making sure you can grow your business at a moment's notice. On the flip side, we're committing to improving our services each and every day.
Keep what you earn
Traditional invoice financing solutions look to maximize their cut. We are built to help facilitate competition among buyers so you get to keep more of your earnings.
Choice at every stage
Unlike traditional options that provide complex and opaque terms, Factr let's you pick the best deal for you based on your preferences.
Code you can trust, but don't have to
Factr is built on a new and revolutionary financial language called Clarity smart contracts, which are tested rigorously to ensure your financing experience is safe, transparent, and auditable.

Built on Stacks. We're proud to leverage the Stacks network behind the scenes at Factr to power rock-solid smart contracts and seamless account management. The Stacks blockchain is a robust Layer-1 solution that shares consensus with Bitcoin, the most secure blockchain in the world.

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About Factr
We're a team of ex-Wall Streeters, startupers, lawyers, and developers that got together because we wanted to help businesses thrive. Blockchain technology represents an opportunity to rethink how people can connect and collaborate. We envision a world a world where value is kept with creators and producers and not with the middlemen.

Factr is being incubated by DeerCreek and Hiro PBC.

We're looking to add to the founding team. Get in touch.
Factr is doing for invoice financing what Lemonade did for insurance. It's a delight.
The Factr Opportunity
Learn more about the Factr opportunity by watching DeerCreek's presentation.
This presentation was given at the Stacks 2.0 Launch Event.
We've compiled a brief of the market conditions and opportunities related to Factr and put together initial design thinking required to build the system. Our research is shared openly in hopes of finding others to join us in building Factr.

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